¿Soy en parte responsable de estar sin trabajo? ¿O la “culpa” es del mercado?

Evidentemente la crisis económica mundial que se disparó en 2008 profundizó y dio “visibilidad” a la crisis laboral que sufren muchas personas por el simple hecho de haber nacido hace 45 años o más. En toda la región creció la demanda de gente sin trabajo de manera notable, sobre todo en las personas mayores de 55 años.


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    Of course! One of the qonstiues in the applicationt that must be answered truthfully is similar wording to please list all accidents you have been involved in as a driver, whether at fault or not, in the last #x years . They also ask for the approximate amount of any claim associated with the accidents. Some companies want 3 years, some 5, and they do check. If they issue a policy immediately based on falsed information, you would receive a registered letter within days, possibly cancelling it, or increasing premiums substantially. In my office, sometimes I would fax an application and receive a phonce call back within half an hour asking why a certain accident hadn’t been declared by the applicant.

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